About NeNe

A Creative Print Studio

NeNe Art is a creative print studio founded by artist Julia Contacessi. Tucked into Julia’s home-based art studio, NeNe Art lives as an online platform offering creative experiments and hand embellished prints — the output of an evolving  process.

Landing on the name NeNe (pronounced Knee Knee) Art was easy. The company is named after Julia’s son, Neo — playfully referred to as Ne-Ne. Only from a place of joy and child-like freedom to explore can creative experimentation live and grow. Hoping to never lose that freedom, our name stands as an every day reminder.

NeNe Art is so much more than the contents of its 4 walls. Allowing for creative exploration without rules or expected outcomes is where the magic happens. In fact, we think some of the best work emerges from the unplanned and improvised. We hope you agree. 

Sharing the Creative Experimentation Process

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